Thursday, July 08, 2010

bad bad blogger

I've been bad. I know. I've been neglecting you dear readers. But… BUT! I have an excuse I swear! Well, not an excuse really, but an explanation… you see, I've moved. From our dear old neighborhood in Greenpoint, Brooklyn north of the city to Beacon, NY. I've been busy adjusting to my new surroundings, setting up our new house, keeping up with a bigger than average jewelry workload (hello, Mattel collaboration) and with preparations for our upcoming wedding (happening next month!) This has officially been The Busiest Summer Ever.

But you know what? It's also been one of the happiest. I'm loving our new home here in Beacon so far. Here's a just a small list of the many things I'm enjoying…

• farmer's markets with friendly vendors, on Thursdays and Sundays
• quiet trail systems through the woods and along the Hudson river for my morning runs
• blue jays that visit our backyard:

• the quiet calm
• gardening
• having a washer/dryer
• having a bathtub
• cool summer evenings and the smell of summer nights
• bike rides to town
• proximity to family
• no upstairs neighbors! (we have the whole house to ourselves!)
• being able to see the stars in the sky at night
• DIA art museum
• having a studio inside my house again (there are pluses and minuses to this one)
• the smell of fresh cut grass
• sunsets on the Hudson
• exploring the area, discovering new places every day

To be fair, here are a few of the things that I miss about NYC…

• our friends!!!!
• the restaurants… oh, the restaurants… sigh
• access to everything and anything one could ever want/need
• the feeling of being in "the middle of it all"
• public transportation/subway access/not having to drive everywhere
• the style - new york is where it's at for people watching, hands down
• Greenpoint, hearing people speak polish around me daily
• McGolrick Park
• Smith Street/Carroll Gardens
• having a studio outside my home (as I said, pluses and minuses to this one)
• our friends! (this one bears repeating)

Luckily Beacon is just a short (80 min) metro north train ride away when I need my city fix! I'll try to be better about blogging this month but I can't make any promises for August as that will surely be wedding madness. (I still have to make our wedding rings… yikes) Hope everyone is having a lovely summer so far and thanks for reading.


estyn said...

Welcome to the Hudson Valley! I love the silence up here in the boonies, and all the natural inspiration in the garden and the woods.

Margaux Lange said...

Thanks so much estyn! I just spent the last 25 minutes looking at all your wonderful blogs, jewelry etc… your blog boodely looked SO familiar to me, it took me a minute to realize, it was one of the blogs I came across while doing research on the hudson valley online a while back… enjoyed seeing it again and have bookmarked it this time! Your jewelry is just lovely by the way. I'm happy to meet a fellow local jewelry artist!

So you're located in Ellenville? do you come to Beacon often? Just visited the nesting dolls store out that way recently (couldn't resist buying a set.) We should meet for coffee sometime if you're up for it!

jaime jo fisher said...

hi margaux,
love hearing about your new adventures in beacon. sounds like a wonderful place to create. best wishes on the wedding planning :O)
take care,