Monday, May 24, 2010

Custom Order: Bridesmaids Gifts

Further evidence that I'm not the only one with a 'spring green' color obsession! This collection of custom Smile Necklaces was made for a wonderful client getting married later this month. She commissioned them as gifts for each of her bridesmaids. In her initial email to me, she mentioned she already owned a necklace of mine that was quite special to her…

"When my fiance and I first started dating we saw your work at CraftyBastards in Adams Morgan (DC) I loved it, he surprised me with it a few weeks later, and its really the one gift I always smile at from him."

I feel honored to have been chosen to contribute to their special day! The first step in the custom design process is picking out the Barbie elements. So I picked out a bunch of red lip Barbie doll grins from my stash and emailed a photo of them to the client so she could personally choose which ones she wanted to use.

Next we chose the resin. Her bridesmaids will be wearing dresses in various shades of red (pomegranate, poppy, watermelon, etc) and "new growth green" is a part of her wedding palette as well, so she requested spring green resin surrounds to really pop off the red dress colors. I think they turned out lovely… hopefully she and all her gals will think so too!

Are you interested in a unique custom bridal party order for your own upcoming nuptials? Feel free to shoot me an email for more info!

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