Monday, April 05, 2010

shoe pinwheels for spring

I'm pretty dang excited about these shoe pinwheel cocktail rings
(in gold vermeil as well? yes please.)
…coming soon!


MJHitchings said...

that is pretty amazing! It looks great on your finger too! I am super excited to see it in person! :)

Baby Indie said...


by Jim Mack Rainey

Pinwheels spin with colors that sparkle
in the skies.
Around they go, up and down, by and by.
Children running as fast as they can, holding
their pinwheels high in the sky.
Oh, to be young again, to feel the air rush
by as I run with the pinwheel in my hand.
Watching the colors change as they spin.
Feeling the sun on my face, freedom of
running place to place.
Pinwheel spin as fast as you can, for time
is short, and the winds of change will come
Children will soon grow up, and leave their
childhood dreams behind.
Pinwheel, with you arches bowed, catch the
wind and fly away home, where timeless toys
are there, and children who never got to grow
up, will run in the wind with you in their tiny
hands, spin with colors that sparkle in the sky
forever catching the wind by and by.

Margaux Lange said...

Thanks guys!

Wow- that pinwheel poem is AWESOME! Love it. Thanks so much for sharing it!