Saturday, March 06, 2010

Jungle Gym Magazine

My Jungle Gym Magazine interview is live! As stated on their website:
"Jungle Gym Magazine is an interactive online media company that strives to be eclectic. It covers, music, fashion, art and worldly lifestyles. Jungle Gym Magazine is a reflection of our visitors’ city and playground. We take charge in seeking out amazing talent and introducing them to the world’s stage."

Here's a little peek at one of the questions I was asked…
JGM: If you couldn’t use Barbie to create jewelry would you use any other toy? Which?
ML: No, I don’t think I would use another toy. There’s a real personal connection for me in choosing to use Barbie dolls which I think is part of what makes the series special for me.
To read the full interview: click here.

*My dear readers, I hope I'm not boring you with too many press announcements on my blog…? I know that can get tiresome. However, it's been a busy press season for me these days and I'm feeling happy and proud and compelled to share my successes with you! I will get back to more content related posts soon… so bear with me :-)


Anonymous said...

I´m wondering what are you doing with the hair of the barbies? And where do you get them? You should corporate with barbie facturies, they could give to you their junk products.


Margaux Lange said...

I wish I could partner with factories! That would make my job of acquiring all the dolls a lot easier. The hair is sort of a wasted bi-product at the moment unfortunately. I haven't quite found a way to use it that isn't weird or gross.

evalyn said...

I love reading about your success - it proves to me that creative success is possible.

Anonymous said...

I read your interview over at Jungle Gym Magazine, and have fallen in love with your work. So much so that I had to blog about you. I hope you don't mind I had to share your work with my readers. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.