Sunday, February 14, 2010


It's Valentine's Day of course, which means it's also my birthday today!! Family will be visiting us from upstate to celebrate and I can't wait for our pizza/cupcake party tonight! My 30th year went by so scary quick, it's hard to fathom that I'm 31 already. However, this past year was truly great and some amazing things have happened (getting engaged was definitely a biggie!) There's a comfortable rhythm to my life now more than ever before that's hard to explain but wonderful to experience. I feel so thankful and lucky to have my fiancé, my family, my friends, my career, my good health… life is SO good! Looking forward to another healthy, happy year ahead. Bring it 31.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

PS. one of my birthday presents from Dave… a new re-design for my blog to match the look and feel of my new website! (if you haven't checked it out yet, you should! It's pretty darn great in my humble opinion.)


Jean said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy what promises to be a lovely day for you.


ps~ those cupcakes look delish!

sushipot said...

Happy Birthday Margaux!! Enjoy your day :)

Lynette said...

Happy Birthday Margaux!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Aw, Happy Birthday and Valentines! Hope you have a fantastic day :)

p.s. I loev the new layout!

Sussu said...

Happy birthday to You!

Your blog´s new look is beautiful... almost as pretty as your jewellery!

jaboopee said...

a very happy birthday to you, and how lovely for your parents to have you on this better present!
blog and website looking great too.
all the best

sue said...

Happy Birthday t you .. Hope you had a great day. Ah 31 - I look back on 31 with fondness - 'course, it was a goodly while ago, but I have always found the birthday after the significant ones (y'know, the ones with zeros!) much more relaxed. Your 30's seems to be a time for finding your groove and obviously for you, finding your soulmate! Hope the year ahead is full of love and laughter.
ps new blog look is great!

Roy said...

Happy St. Valentine's Day and Birthday!!! Wow! I also understand you're a "cover girl" now! Fantastic.
Your biggest fan in Arkansas. :-)

Grand Purl Baa said...

Happy Birthday Margaux.

I have just looked at every detail of your new website. It is fabulous. It is great to see this large body of work all displayed so clearly and showing it all off so well.

Congratulations on everything.

Rowan | KitschenSink said...

Happy birthday! YOu look much younger than 31.

Nice website too!