Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Exciting Recent Press

The November Issue of Metalsmith Magazine has a fantastic review of my February 2009 Featured Artist Exhibition at Facéré Jewelry Art Gallery (Seattle, WA.) This is one of the most exciting press features I have ever received. I'm so humbled by this wonderful review - in the magazine that has inspired me since the very beginnings of my interest in art jewelry. So thrilling! Big thanks to Judy Wagonfeld, the author, and to Karen Lorene of Facéré as well.

(ps. How intense is Doug Bucci's foot brooch on the cover?!)

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page 54
page 55

My work also appears in a two page spread of the newly released 1000 Ideas For Creative Reuse book by Garth Johnson (pages 114 and 115) available for purchase online here.

One last little bit of press to share… my work appeared in the Swiss Newspaper 24 Heures

Kind of funny that all three of these featured my Smiley Neckpiece (…Psst! still available for sale here.)

And finally, thanks to my loyal readers/fans for your patience while I took my hiatus from blogging to get through the past couple of INSANELY busy months in preparation for the upcoming holidays. We will be returning to our regularly scheduled blogging now, so be sure to check in for the latest. My annual holiday giveaway contest is just around the corner and you don't want to miss your chance to win! This year's prize was determined by the votes on my facebook fan page: a necklace! You'll need to be a fan to win… (hint hint)


jaboopee said...

congratulations ,and really well deserved anyway because your work is so clever,interesting ,funny and beautiful..
...i'm quite disturbed by the foot brooch...... the difference between how you dismember barbie to this is quite huge,
i can't see anything attractive in a dismembered woman's foot .

Margaux Lange said...

Thanks so much!

Thanks for bringing up the contrast between this work and my own - because people have said they see what I do as "dismembering women" (a comment I have never been able to relate to.) I think it's an interesting coincidence that this happened to be the cover for the mag my review was in.

I just had this conversation with my fiance, about how I was actually slightly disturbed by the foot on the cover myself and found myself turning the magazine over on my desk so I didn't have to look at it! (For a gal who loves her horror movies - it takes a lot to creep me out usually!) I think it's the "realness" of the piece, with the blood, the detailing, etc. it does bring to mind REAL dismembered bodies.

I have to say, it has made me think about the piece on the cover more than any Metalsmith cover in recent memory has though, so I do appreciate it for that. I like work that makes me have to consider all angles. This definitely pushes the boundaries of "wearable art" and while I agree, it is more than a little upsetting, I think that's probably what the artist was intending.

jaboopee said...

I could never see your work as dismembering woman ... dismembering barbie is a wholly different thing .
I'd love to have that long conversation about barbie v woman with you and, One day i'm going to meet you in new york for a coffee at that cafe I've read about in greenwich that plays the smiths all day and where malcolm gladwell is supposed to frequent!!!!( i'm going for the smiths soundtrack) but in the meantime..i'm here across the atlantic and my knee jerk reaction to the foot brooch was
" it would have to be a man who made that!
I'm all for pushing boundaries too and I think i'll check out this guy a bit more ,and do a little excerise on preconceived notions
Lovely to 'talk' ....i'm serious about that coffee....
i swear the word verification was slyme

Margaux Lange said...

YES! I look forward to that coffee and conversation very much! :-)