Friday, October 16, 2009

Snowflake Barbie Hanger Ornaments

I made a couple prototypes and am really happy with them… can't wait to make more! I'm having a lot of fun. I do wish I had more colors to choose from, but sadly it's just pink and green. Also, I thought I would be able to make a whole bunch to sell for the holidays but it turns out I won't have nearly as many hangers as I thought I had, since each ornament uses eight Barbie hangers. Oh well… they will be extra special limited edition ornaments I guess!


KMJewelryStudio said...

I love these!

clairegrenade said...

these are completely smashing, I'm so taken aback by the fact that hangers create that sort of creative complexity


I always love your work!

Luvvie said...

so much fun!!