Monday, July 20, 2009

Susan Kasson Sloan

I mentioned Susan Kasson Sloan last week, the woman who curated the 500 Plastic Jewelry Designs book, so today I thought I would devote a separate post to her amazing jewelry work. I love the fluidity and painterly qualities Susan achieves with such a humble, hardware store material such as resin. Below are some of Susan's more recent designs that I'm head over heels for…

It's so inspiring to see how much her work has evolved, even though she has stuck with essentially the same materials throughout her career. I guess it kind of gives me hope that my work will continue to evolve as well (especially since these days it feels incredibly stagnant.)


jaboopee said...

aaaaahhhh!! your having one of those days!it will pass,
believe me you, your work is very far from stagnant,
I believe it to be amazing.
keep on keeping on,

Ashley said...

Wow, those are most definitely inspirational! Thanks for sharing.

Margaux Lange said...

Thanks Elaine. It's really been more like one of those years! but I appreciate your kind words.

Thanks Ashley - so painterly right?! It blows me away that they are resin!

Anonymous said...

Margaux, you are such a wonderful and appreciated talent. Keep up what you're doing. Susan