Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Design Project

I was contacted a while back by a graphic design student named Teresa Rodriguez asking to use images of my work to create a catalog/presentation about my jewelry for her graphic design studies. I was flattered and honored to have been asked. Teresa sent me a copy of the finished catalog and it turned out wonderful so I thought I would share some pages from it here!

I particularly liked her idea to use bold Barbie silhouettes in white to showcase the jewelry, as if Barbie were literally wearing herself.

Teresa also included an interview style FAQ section in the catalog, along with contact information regarding the galleries carrying my work and where to find me online. It was all beautifully printed and bound into a book measuring 7" x 12."

I was blown away by her thoughtfulness to send me a copy of the catalog. I have often sent materials to students to use for various projects and rarely hear from them again, so it means a lot that she thought to contact me after the project was complete to thank me and to show me the results of her hard work. And as another wonderful little bonus, she sent me an actual Barbie and a Ken doll she had used in her presentation which she knew I would put to good use! Very sweet.

Teresa has now graduated college and is off to face The Real World, so to speak. Too see more of her portfolio or to contact Teresa for design projects, (full-time or freelance) visit her online at: I am confident she will go far in her design work. Thanks again Teresa and best of luck to you!


jaboopee said...

that is just such a clever design and presentation.
she'll go far
really great work

Ashley said...

Great work Teresa! I love the presentation of you work, simple, subtle, and clever.

silvercocoon said...

these are fantastic!

ColleenBaran said...

Brilliant catalogue!