Monday, June 08, 2009

Kristyna Milde

Valpincon bather after Ingres © Kristyna Milde

(Ingres painting)

Recently I was made aware of artist Kristyna Milde's work (thanks to art jeweler Kristin Beeler.) Milde created, staged and lit detailed dioramas based on famous historical paintings using Barbie dolls which she then photographs. These are works from her "c U M E N I" exhibition at The Pavilon Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic (March 27 - April 16, 2008.)

Femme Nue after Gérôme © Kristyna Milde

(Gérôme painting)

In her own words…
"In this project I critically examine how modes of representation distort our perception of women. The Barbie Doll plays the role of historical icons in familiar paintings."

"With cUMENI I want to inspire contemplation and reconsideration of the visual culture and its impact on the formation of identity and gender relations."

- Kristyna Milde
Sleepers after Courbet © Kristyna Milde

(Courbet painting)

For more images of Milde's work and the concepts behind it you can check out her full flickr set here.


flyingbeader said...

What a fabulous idea. I can see posters & notecards made out of these creations. FUN! dot

~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

Loved her photos. I looked at every one. Thanks for the link!

In continuing down my blog roll this afternoon, I got to Trend de la Creme and the first photo stopped me in my tracks. Had to share back. Too funny. Barbie has such a rich life doesn't she?

Meily Chung said...

is amazing!

from monterrey, nuevo león, méxico

jaboopee said...

her work is really clever isn;t it.
thanks for that link

kristin said...

glad you enjoyed the link!