Monday, March 02, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

Time to share photos of the work completed for Colette in Paris for their special Barbie celebration throughout the month of March. With very little lead time, I've been scrambling and working non-stop to complete the collection in time. It's a HUGE relief to finally be done!

I'm sending a collection of 23 pieces; mostly new works, but I threw a few 'oldie but goodies' into the mix as well. I'd love to hear your feedback… thanks and enjoy.

Pop Smile Necklace - Pink

Pop Smile Necklaces: pink, yellow, blue

Hand Hinge Bracelet w/ multi rings

Mr. Handsome Necklace

Grinning Girls Necklace

Have-a-Heart Bust Necklaces

Crescent Hand Necklace

Black & Silver Polka Dot Brooch

Smile & Eye Bracelet w/ bubbles

Teardrop Earrings in black & blue

Laughing Circle Brooch

Eye/Smile Pull-through Earrings

Eye/Smile Pull-through Earrings

Chest Neckpiece

Eye, Smile, Hand Earrings

Pink Lip Pendant

Brown Eye Tension Clasp Bracelet

Pink Eye Ring

Black Eye Ring

The rings have adjustable ring bands!
(one-size-fits-most: approx. size 6 up to 8.5)

(adjustable ring back detail)

And a new addition to the Have-a-Heart Bust series… a ring!
(With adjustable ring band as well)

Have-a-Heart Bust Ring

Have-a-Heart Bust Ring (back detail)


Valerie A. Heck said...

My favorite is the laughing circle brooch.

HCJ admin said...

If you would like the chance for a free artist entry written and added for you on the HCJ Project, why don't you enter the competition we are currently running?

sassypackrat said...

Love everything really but my favorite is the Chest Neckpiece.

Anonymous said...

I love it all! What great new stuff and ofcourse I love the oldies too. The pop smiles and bust ring are wicked Im signing here because I'm computer challenged

Jessy said...

I'm in love with rings you've made and I'd love to see the pop smile necklaces as rings and even something like the laughing circle as a ring too. I think that my fiance might finally have something to buy me for graduation...

Anonymous said...

WOW Margaux!! What a *huge* amount of work, and what a fantastic collection they're getting. I really love the teardrop earrings, the colors are great. It's a lovely shape for pendants too I think.

Now, if you're done with Ashley, could you send her my way?! ; )

ruby door said...

fabulous pieces! i just featured you on my blog. saw you on luxist. :)

montserrat lacomba said...

Good luck in Paris! Colette is a fantastic shop!
I've just added your collection in my blog.
Best wishes!

Ashley said...

I love them all, but the hand and hinge bracelet is especially cool!