Monday, March 16, 2009

Get It In Writing

Since my fraud incident, I've gotten quite a few requests for copies of my Borrower's Contract, the one I use for my jewelry loan-outs for press shoots, etc. so I've uploaded a sample anyone is welcome to adapt for themselves and their work. (click the link below and the contract will automatically download to your computer.)

My hope is that you will find it useful as a starting point from which to create your own contract for loan-outs to press contacts, etc. Just a small disclaimer here however: I am NOT a lawyer and this contract may not protect you in all circumstances, so please seek professional legal guidance when necessary.

Writing contracts and having them signed is an additional step, yes. And I know how rushed it often is when asked to submit materials to the press (they always seem to need it yesterday!) but it is SO worth having everything in writing in the event that something goes wrong. It's not rude to ask someone to sign a contract because it's not personal, it's business. And this should be standard practice for your business every time. Protect yourself and your work because no one else will. If anyone can think of anything else I should add in to the contract, please let me know.

For those who may not be aware, a great resource for sample artist contracts can also be found on the Society of North American Goldsmiths website: The Professional Guidelines were created by artist Harriete Estel Berman and serve as important tools to help artists improve their business practices.

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