Tuesday, March 24, 2009

barbie art from back in the day!

At the top of the stairs in my parents house…

…hangs the collection of Barbies I transformed back in high school art class.
I thought it would be fun to share some pics! It's interesting to look back and see a path from where it all started.



carrot-barbie (this ones my favorite)




Elizabeth Holcombe said...

Your creative process is amazing. I love the carrot Barbie too, but all of them are spectacular!~~~XXOO, Beth

jaboopee said...

I've just spent from 1410-1945 (i.e hours/minutes not years/centuries !) looking at your blog from start to finish and its been a true inspiration and a joy. thanks for sharing all this wonderful brilliance.

Alessia said...

Hi Margaux! I'm an Italian blogger and I must say how much your work impressed me! I've just found your site and blog and I'm totally amazed!
I'd like to feature some pics of your Barbie pieces in my blog to show your work, if you agree, of course.
I hope to hear from you,

Ashley said...

That is really intersting! The carrot barbie is my favorite too.

Najnaah said...

Hi, I'm a swedish blogger and I really love your creations! Amasing, really great. :)

BonesInspired said...

What a fantastic project!
I love how they are all mounted, and posed, and each have their own unique personality-unlike regular barbies =)

JessieX said...

Used your art in a post I wrote: "Toy art. Trash art. GenX art." http://twurl.nl/f3iimr

And I link back to your blog.

jewelry making said...

Very creative ,I have fun staring all these stuff. :)