Thursday, November 20, 2008


More press to share! Wow, this month is insane. Big shout out to the United Kingdom!

daily mail - UK

Telegraph - UK

Metro News - UK

Indie Quarter - UK

Female First - UK

Times of the Internet

Thank god for google analytics. For any of you out there not yet using this free google service to track your website traffic, you should.


Anonymous said...

Your work is amazing!

I've got so exited when I saw your pics of the jewellery you have made. Wow you are talented.
The Kiss Neckpiece and Chest neckpiece are some of my favourites.

There may be som incorrect spelling here, but I'm shure you pick up my exitement ;)

Best wishes and happy wibes, Tiril


Jenny from Norway said...

awesome work. Beautiful design. Any plans of adding more necklaces to your webshop from the barbie collection in the near future? Totally in love with the shoe pendant + others. You are extremely creative and talented. I'll be checking your web shop for updates and more designs ;-)

luna said...

I saw pictures yesterday of your work on a news site... wow wow wow i looooooove it.
You painted a big smile on my face.

Here is the article were i read and found out you and your work (in dutch)--->

Anonymous said...

Wow! I really like your work!
Very well done. Like Luna wrote: they make you smile and make you think: yo, how strange nobody before thought of it.


theshopgirl said...

your creation is published in URBAN, The Straits Times for today paper :)

Greetings from Singapore.

Anonymous said...

And even in Israel
check the reDesign Magazine