Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the review

Dave and I went to see the movie I mentioned in last Friday's blog post, Who Does She Think She Is? and wow. This film is so. good. REALLY. Hopefully you're fortunate enough to have it traveling to a city near you. (If not it will also be coming out on DVD!)

I was all goosebumps and tears through a good majority of this film. The movie follow various working artists dealing with the struggles, as well as the joys involved in making art, cultivating relationships and raising children. It examines these complexities while questioning the way our society often forces women to choose between mothering and a career in art.

Under-appreciated, under-represented and generally lacking support by society women have a more difficult time pursuing art careers than men, despite the record number of women enrolled in college art programs. The film makes its point extraordinarily well without beating you over the head with its message. The imagery, the soundtrack and the inspiring, compelling artists the film follows left me feeling elated and determined. Please see this film and tell me what you think!

more info on their website:
NY Times review:


alisa said...

i wish it was coming to chicago. it looks so good!

Ashley said...

Thanks for the review Margaux. I really want to see it. Hopefully it will screen around here.

Amber Leilani said...

i would have never known about this movie if it weren't for your blog.thanks again!

hope it makes it to new orleans...
if not, there is always netflix!

funny, i personally perceive women as better artists than most men... hmmm...but i never have fit in to society very well.

annie said...

this is coming to baltimore on saturday!!!