Thursday, October 16, 2008


I've been glued to NPR and all the political/economic coverage on the news these days and have been wondering what it means for the upcoming holiday season and future sales of my jewelry. Sometimes I really abhor having to think about the financial end of my business even though I know it's a necessity.

Lately my studio work has been feeling rather uninspired. I've decided to take some time to PLAY! and see what new ideas I can come up with. Hopefully I'll have some results to post soon. Perhaps I need to blast some fun music instead of listening to all this depressing news in my studio?

If you need a little happiness and a distraction from political/economic stresses I highly recommend renting this movie. Dave and I watched it just recently and really loved it.

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Beth Cyr said...

ooh thanks for the preview - i was looking at it the other day and wondering how it was... I'll definitely check it out now! :)