Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hilary Pfeifer

© Hilary Pfeifer

When I was living in Boulder, CO in 2002 I was working with jeweler Todd Reed on a project and while visiting his home studio, I noticed these amazingly colorful sculptures "growing" across the walls of his stairwell. I asked who the artist was and he told me it was Hilary Pfeifer. I've been a fan of Hilary's work ever since. So when I heard about the telephone interview "Insights" with Alyson Stanfield of and Hilary Pfeifer, I jumped on the chance to be in on the call. And they did not disappoint. It's a new series Alyson has been promoting lately called "Insights," phone conversations with artists about how they've achieved their level of success. A great idea because instead of having to attend a lecture in some designated location in the US, anyone can participate and be in on the call, right from the comfort of their own home.

© Hilary Pfeifer

Although trained as a metalsmith, Hilary works primarily in wood. Though she cites metalsmithing techniques as playing an important role informing her designs. Colorful and bold with a nod to the organic, her miniature plant-life, creature-esque sculptures captivate the imagination. Although unique on their own, the character of Hilary's pieces truly come to life when assembled in groups, each sculpture relating the next in a conversational way.

Hilary and Alyson discussed the advantages of having a line of installation art pieces that allow collectors to add to as they see fit. Whether one piece or fifteen, arranged in their homes as they please, accumulated as quickly or as slowly as their wallets will allow. I think this is a fabulous way to appeal to a variety of art collecting budgets. I hope to "grow my own" collection of Hilary's work on my walls someday.

It was interesting to hear Hilary talk about the paths she took with her career to get to where she is now. Particularly resonating for me was the way Hilary found a balance with her production work and the one-of-kind gallery pieces.

© Hilary Pfeifer

Check out more from her portfolio here, her production line "Bunny with a Toolbelt" here. And for more upcoming artist talks in Alyson's "Insights" series, click here.

© Hilary Pfeifer


Ashley said...

Wow, what beautiful little creatures! I would have loved to have heard that conversation. Balancing production and gallery work is something I am really struggling with.

*I didn't know you worked for Tod Reed.

Hilary Pfeifer said...

Thanks for the nice posting, Margaux! I'm glad it was helpful to you too. That is great that you worked for Todd Reed--one of the pieces of jewelry I never take off is a ring that he made. We used to do a lot of trade back in the day when I did the ACC Baltimore show. He is one of my favorite artists.

take care and keep up the great work!

Alyson B. Stanfield said...

Margaux: I'm so glad you were able to be on the call and that it didn't disappoint. I can't wait to see what your next moves are.

Ashley: You can still listen to the call. It's now available on a recording!

Nicole said...

amazing stuff! wow.

ps. i linked to you on my blog sidebar. :)