Thursday, August 28, 2008

Alloy Gallery

New work recently sent to Alloy Gallery in Newport, Rhode Island:

Smiley Necklace on torque
Sterling silver, Barbie™ doll smiles, resin.

I will likely make another version of this necklace at some point in the near future, because it's an idea I'm really excited about. I've never built up in tiers before, and I like how it allowed me to really layer and overlap the smiles to make it feel even more "crowded." I was aiming to create a chaotic 'audience' feeling, which I think I achieved.

This piece was the biggest ordeal out of the whole grouping however. It was a huge learning experience and overall I'm okay with the results, but I still feel like I need to give it another go 'round with slightly different construction/format to feel like I've really satisfied the concept.

Smiley Necklace (detail)
Sterling silver, Barbie™ doll smiles, resin.

Blue Eye Clover Necklace
Sterling silver, Barbie™ doll eyes, resin.

I struggled with the design/layout of this necklace for quite a while. It sat on my table for weeks while I kept re-arranging the parts. In the end I decided to just pick an idea and run with it and I turned out being pleasantly surprised by the results. For one thing, it's super comfortable to wear and hangs beautifully. I would say it's much more exciting on the body than off. I wish I took a close-up photo of the hand-made chain. Each link has been individually hammered which gives it a really unique texture.

Make-a-Face Necklace
Sterling silver, Barbie™ doll parts, resin.

6 Pack Abs Ring
Sterling silver, Ken doll abs, resin.

Pure fun with this one. Can't wait to use the abs in other works!

5 Senses Earrings
Sterling silver, Barbie™ doll parts, resin.

Smile Bracelet in Pink
Sterling silver, Barbie™ doll smiles, pigmented resin.

I'm enjoying 'breaking out of the circle' lately. One of my favorite things about this style bracelet is the shaped wire lips toggle that threads through the pink circle at the other end for closure.


Catherine Chandler said...

These pieces are amazing! Great work!

Miss Dot said...

oh I love the clover one! and the bracelet and the ring ... oh I just love them all :-) well done.

Anonymous said...

oh the five senses earings are brilliant! and the smiley necklace is creepy, like there are people watching you, it's beautiful...

Liz said...

Wow!! You have been very busy! All of the new works look awesome!!

Liz said...

I saw the comment above and thought, "did I just forget that I typed a comment?"...
Are you trying to kill me? These are out of this world. I'm going to stop reading your blog now so I can savor it later and stop commenting like a psycho blog stalker.

KitschenSink said...

These are awesome!! I LOVE your work!

Rowan x

peskypesky said...

really cool!!!

Lisa said...

BRILLIANT! These are really, really cool.