Sunday, May 18, 2008

yeah, I know it's not friday, I'm a little late…

I started a new flikr set to document all the amazing sky-scapes I see from my studio windows. This was taken in the early evening as a dark storm cloud was brewing over Manhattan.

My new bench is all set up! It's even better to work on than I imagined it would be… I love it! What a difference it makes to work at the proper height. I also bought a new stainless steel table top for my soldering station with adjustable legs from Ikea which has been great. Now I just need to hang my pegboard so I can unload my storage drawers, hang my hammers, tools and miscellaneous crap!

I wasn't sure if I would use all the little "bells and whistles" on the bench, such as the arm rests and this flat pull out work tray thingy but oh MAN, I love them! Who knew?

This is one of the custom pieces I'm working on these days. I'm building a brain! My client is a medical student getting her PhD in neuroscience. We worked together to come up with the perfect necklace designs for her. The first piece is a brain and mouth pendant with little decorative "synapses" that will fan out from it.

The second is a heart and hand with a blood coral drop. I'm really excited about these pieces and am curious to see this series develop further. An anatomical theme seems to be happening in continuation of my Like Breathing necklace with the lungs.

So that's the latest from my bench, sorry I'm a few days late! I'll try to be on time this week ;-)


dandelion blu said...

Hi! I really love your heart piece and am excited to see it finished.
I have been doing a lot of work with anatomical hearts recently too. Lovely!

Margaux said...

Thank you mucho! I'm diggin' your as well!!


Anonymous said...

those pieces are lovely and smart. the synapses and drop of blood are such clever (and beautiful) details. i've been lurking in your blog for a while now - figured it was about time i mentioned how much i admire your work! i really do.

dandelion blu said...

Thanks Marguax! I'll have to put your heart on my wish list- the husband is very good about following my demands!