Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Pearly Whites Brooch

Sterling silver, 18kt gold, fresh water pearls, Britney Spears doll smile, pigmented resins. Display armature: brass, oak wood base, resin. Entirely hand fabricated.

Pearly Whites Brooch (the piece that inspired this series of necklace spin-offs) is currently part of an exhibition called Materialistic - "An exhibition of innovative responses to the word material and it's relation to jewelry."

The show opens Friday March 7 @ 5:30pm at the Whitney Gallery in Savannah, Georgia. If you're in that area for the SNAG conference this weekend, go check it out! (and please please please send me some pictures! :-) Many thanks to the very talented jewelry artist Meredith Sutton for the invitation to take part.

Whitney Gallery
415 Whitaker Street
Savannah, Georgie

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