Sunday, March 02, 2008


Ya know, you step away from your blog for what's supposed to be just a few short weeks and the next thing ya know, you're not writing at all… and it becomes miiiiiighty comfortable!

I am a creature of habit, there's no doubt about it. And I need a certain amount of structure in my life in order to feel productive and efficient. However that's not to say maintaining that structure isn't hard work and I'm bound to fall off the wagon now and again. Sort of like when I stop exercising regularly, or stop working in my studio for a week or so; it always makes it that much harder to want to start up again for some reason…? It's not that I don't enjoy my studio, I love what I do! but after a huge show and a major deadline crunch, a certain amount of laziness is bound to get the best of me for a time afterwards.

That said, I fully intend to make blogging a part of my weekly habits again! (along with exercise, studio time, etc)

I've felt a bit daunted as to where to begin my dive back into blogging… there's so much to report: of course the ACC show was a BIG DEAL, along with recent press, upcoming exhibitions/opportunities, etc… Instead of feeling intimidated, I've decided to start slowly and remember the pleasure these frequent writings once brought me. So for today, I thought I'd start by sharing some images from Baltimore and the ACC show, and save the elaborations for another day.

I hope you enjoy the pics!

Set-up: Thursday afternoon before the show opens on Friday… behind my table, pricing away!

Last minute set-up at the show opening Friday morning. You can see the demonstration area situated behind my booth where they gave wood lathe demos, ceramic demos, even a talk about etsy! I was also seated next to the sign marking (and attempting to define) our section…
"New Wave Craft."

Am I yelling at Dave for taking my picture?!

I was really pleased with how my steel displays worked out. The orange faux silk fabric was a warm contrast to the steel and a perfect compliment to the fleshy Barbie skin tones.

Here you can really see the colors of the steel display - it looks rough or rusty in this photo but the wax treatment on the metal actually made it smooth and luscious while keeping a sense of depth and variation in the color of the steel. (Of course that's not at all what the customers were noticing however.)

Five Senses in Green got a LOT of attention and comments, sadly though, it still hasn't found a home. Someday!

Morning of the second day, a little sleepy, but ready for another day of sales! (wearing one of my new Heart Bust Pendants)

Tia (right) of silvercocoon and her sister Brit - these ladies are RAD! Tia's jewelry is bold and fantastic. Check out her etsy shop here.

On Monday we visited my old stomping grounds at MICA to check out all the new additions to the campus, including the new Brown Center which didn't exist when I went to college there. It's truly amazing in person.

…and particularly impressive from the inside. We had a perfect sunny morning to experience it.

The Station building has surprisingly changed quite a bit (they moved the entrance?! too weird) Such a lovely structure though. Always one of my favorite buildings on campus.

ahhh… home sweet home

As Dave's goofy grin will attest, we're happy to be home! It was an exhaustingly long weekend, but really a fantastic experience all around. More details to follow…


Cherry Runway said...

But, how did the show go? Did you get a good response from everyone? Were you part of the wholesale or retail section of the show?

I look forward to more of your blogs. :)


Miss Dot said...

Welcome back! I was wondering how the show went? I love that pic of you sitting behind your stall, you look like a 5 year old having a lovely play with some grown ups jewels! I love the metal display, great backdrop for your work. Wish me luck, I have another market on March 16 and it is outdoors and they have banned tents! my work melts in the sun argggg!

Hekla said...

I simply love your work - very fine and humourous indeed - would love to have a heart bust for my birthday.

Anonymous said...

You where blogged at:

tina said...

i love your booth display! simple, but perfect! and i love your new bust pendants!

will you be at the acc show in st. paul?

Margaux said...

Hello all! Thanks for your comments and your feedback.

I was in the retail only portion. The response was good for the most part! I'll be posting more about my ACC experience by the end of this week… so stay tuned!

Miss dot,
I hope you rock it at the market, despite the tent ban! You'll be creative in protecting your work from the sun regardless I'm sure. Best of luck to you!

Why thank you! Bust pendants are currently for sale in my etsy shop if you want to drop the hint to anyone you know… ;-)

Thanks a bunch! I'm very pleased with my display this time around. It functioned just as great as it looked. Hooray for metal and magnets! No, I did not plan on doing the st. paul ACC show. Are you?