Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The funniest quote ever in reference to my work:

"Not for everyone, but then neither is McDonalds"

uh… okay.

(found on the HGTV message boards. Some rather funny and amusing postings about my work there lately.)

Dave and I had a really nice Easter weekend upstate and enjoyed the time with our families. Here's us after stuffing ourselves silly at Easter Brunch with lovely Lake George in the background.

(Dave's wearing an awesome Arther Hash pink chainsaw pin! Love it.)


Anonymous said...
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silvercocoon said...

what is it like for you to read those comments?? i really admire the dialog that you create with your work.......

arthur hash said...

nice. Looks really pretty. I like McDonalds....hmmmm

Margaux said...


You know, it used to trip me up reading comments like that, but to be honest, I'm sort of over it now. It happens more often than I like to admit. However chasing down and trying to justify my work to all those who want to bash it just isn't a good use of my time. :-) They don't understand it, and probably wouldn't even if I attempted to explain it so I just let it go and try to remain removed and amused. It gets people talking and that's always a good thing I suppose.

The one time it really stung was the feministing.com post about my work. I HAD to respond to that one on my blog. It was just so far off mark and really personal for me.

Arthur: hahaha! Lake George is an absolutely AMAZING lake. 32 miles long nestled in the heart of the adirondacks with the most incredible bays, islands, camping, hiking, boating, etc. I know I sound like a travel agent right now, but it's seriously worth a visit. Especially in August when swimming temps couldn't be more perfect. (The town itself could use some work however.)

jeanne said...

just want you to know, we dont all feel that way, i posted about your jewelry about a week before that on the same boards, but in the trash to treasure section...we all love your work!!!

Margaux said...

Yeah, still not quite feeling the love Jeanne I must say. I really like how people are worried about upsetting people over the word cancer, yet offending me is perfectly fair game. sigh.

jeanne said...

i wouldnt worry about it, i do type key jewelry, some people still think you shouldnt ruin old typewriters..(better to put them in our landfills !) i just say that they arent my customers and i dont care.......chin up...your stuff is so unique and cool !

alisa said...

i just did a show and my favorite comment was "so you just make sausages and cut them up?"
yes. i make sausage jewelry. maybe i should use that as a tagline.

ugh. i just read it. and deleted my first comments about them. whatever. people ridicule things they don't understand and take a lot of joy in putting people down.

(and my boyfriend gets more comments on his arthur hash pin than anything else.)