Monday, December 03, 2007

monday monday monday

Even though it's Monday and I'm a slacker for skipping last Friday's From the Bench post, I thought I'd share a couple things that I've been working on in my studio. Better late than never?! (funny, that's the same phrase I keep using in reference to my holiday work sent out just today, FINALLY, to my galleries. ugh.) One of these years I will actually accomplish my goal of getting holiday work sent out early… like, October.

Barbie hanger snowflake ornament. It turned out very pretty and sweet I think! It was a lot of fun to make something different like this and without pressure. It will be part of Facéré Jewelry Art Gallery's annual holiday ornament giveaway event.

(hanging on the tree in our apartment - dramatic black and white)

I also finished a pair of custom order cufflinks for a client this weekend. Amazingly, these are the first pair of cufflinks I've ever made. I think they're really fun and have plans to make MANY more.

That's all for now… happy monday everyone!

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Catherine Chandler said...

I don't know how I missed your comment with tagging me but just got it :) For fun facts check out my blog, and thank you!


P.S. those are some fabulous cuff links!