Friday, December 21, 2007

A lil' more press…

Air Union, a monthly lifestyle and trend magazine from Russia featured my work on page 86 of the October Issue:

Anyone out there speak Russian by any chance? My Smile and Eye Bracelet was featured, though I'm having trouble locating my name on the page… hmmm pretty cool nonetheless


sherry said...

I am a fellow artist, and I saw your work on etsy. I also have a friend who is from Russia, and I can ask her to translate the copy if you'd like.

Fioleta said...

The description of your work is on the left of the bracelet titled “Кукольный Браслет”. The rough translation is: Doll Bracelet. For those, who can’t part with toys, Margo Lange (Марго Ланж) designed a collection of adornments composed of Barbie doll’s parts. They’ll suit both kids and adults.

Since I’m commenting, I want to say that I love your work and want to congratulate you on all your successes big and small. I hope 2008 will bring lots of new ideas, recognition and sales.