Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Camille Young

I have a major art crush on jewelery artist Camille Young right now… I can't stop flipping through the images of her work and marveling not only at the astounding craftsmanship but also the rich colors, inventive shapes and bold compositions. Her command of the materials, specifically her work with Lumina clay, is just incredible and makes me really want to play with it myself and see what happens.

The artist writes:
"These pins are made with a rather remarkable clay that has become my new favorite. It's flexible, waterproof, air dries, and is fairly durable. The clay takes on the look and feel of plastic after it dries, allowing for thin, delicate designs."

The realistic flower brooches are obviously amazing, but it's her more stylized, expressive pieces that I find particularly appealing. She has a unique, fresh vision. I haven't ever seen anything quite like it. Here are a couple necklaces that recently popped up on her website (new work I think?) LOVING this direction…

Check out more of her incredible work here. She also has some process pics/descriptions on her flickr site which are cool to check out as well as an etsy store, (can you tell I'm crushin' or what?!) but currently there is nothing listed for sale. I can't wait until there is!

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