Thursday, August 09, 2007

What I did on my Summer Vacation

A view from the deck outside the house we rented in Cape Cod. We swam every day in this gorgeous, clean, perfect temperature lake… pure bliss!

See that little speck of sand between the trees? I swam all the way there AND back with Dave and Byron one lovely afternoon. Talk about feeling accomplished! It was totally exhilarating.

And of course, we took in the stunning ocean views.

There's rumor this may become an annual vacation destination with Dave's family! (I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed for that!) But for now, it's back to hot, humid, dirty ol' Brooklyn and also back to work…sigh.

I'll be sharing pics of what's exciting and new in my studio later this week so stay tuned.


Di said...

It looks like a fabulous destination and quite a swim!! I have only visited Cape Cod once but I remember it being a wonderful memory making place - the cool mist floating up the coast, the giant yellow finned tuna on the beach......I think it would make a great annual destination!

Midge said...

Thanks di! Indeed it is a lovely place to visit… highly recommended! :-)