Sunday, August 12, 2007

Blog nods

Many thanks to "nature vs. machine" for the feature on her blog Sewcial Suicide on August 8th. Aside from her fun blog dedicated to independent design, "nature" (I couldn't spot a name for her…) makes lovely handmade items herself as well and sells them on etsy. You may check her shop out here!

I was also featured on a fellow MICA alum's blog recently, Made in Mississippi. I love that artist/blogger Amy Evans was reminded of Magritte when she spotted a pair of my eye earrings, as Magritte was very inspirational to me as a high school student. What a great connection, and surprisingly, not one I had ever noticed before now! You may purchase some of Amy's beautiful work at her etsy shop and see many more examples on her website. I am particularly drawn to this etching/drawing below for sale at her etsy shop for just $15 as well as many of the paintings on her website.

Thank you for your kind words of support ladies!


Annie said...

hi! i'm annie and a huge fan!
i am a guest blogger over at 2modern every sunday (specializing in jewelry). i posted about you back in may here :)

Nature vs Machine said...

YAY! Thanks! Oh, and it's Nature vs Machine. I should make that a bit more obvious. =)

I'm flattered. And I love your art!


Nature vs Machine said...

Oh-Ha, I misread...I'm Misti. Shhh!