Thursday, May 10, 2007

A different kind of pencil…

Does anyone remember these?! (I wonder if they still make them?) My grandmother passed away quite a few years ago but her house on Lake George is just now getting prepared to be sold. This past weekend I went through the remaining "junk" household items with my mom and D and unearthed this old stained glass window art I made as a kid!

My gram used to sit my sister and I down at the kitchen table and let us go nuts with colors, filling in the various frames with small plastic beads and then baking them in her oven. I can remember the excitement and anticipation I felt while awaiting the reveal. She proudly displayed these "artworks" in her windows for years to follow.

She was a really fun grandma and very creative. An aspiring painter herself, her home was filled with lake scenes and nature inspired works she had painted throughout her 93 years of life. (I like to think both my red hair and creativity came from her, so perhaps I'll also inherit some of her longevity.)

I wanted to show this because I think it's kind of cool and strange to see the connection between the epoxy resin work I do currently, and these "window art trinkets" from when I was a kid. Strikingly similar concept don't you think?

Oh, and I've not forgotten about today's "Thankful Thursday" post, but it will have to wait until later today… stay tuned!


Jessica said...

These were awesome! These and Shrinky Dinks provided hours of fun! Thanks for reminding me of my fun childhood times!

Midge said...

Hi Jessica, You're welcome! Glad it brought back a flood of memories for someone else as well!