Wednesday, April 18, 2007

kinetic sculpture

I was in Denver, CO for the 2002 SNAG conference as I was living in Boulder at the time. I went on the gallery tour they offered as part of the conference to view various art jewelry on display in local galleries, however, it is Tim Prentice's kinetic sculptures I remember most from that day at the Robishon Gallery that I had veered off tour for. In going through my filing cabinet to gather papers for my last minute taxes, (I just made it… ugh) I came across Tim Prentice's postcard I had saved from the gallery visit that day and was gently reminded of how wonderful I find his work to be.

I remember standing in awe as these massive floating forms gracefully moved with the gentle flow of air inside the gallery. An entirely different visual experience from one moment to the next, I loved the idea that the art changed before me without my moving one foot. The concept of "art that moves" or interacts with the viewer is not that much of a leap from jewelry, as those are ideas we as jewelers deal with all the time. It reminds me a little of Rachelle Thiewes or Tone Vigeland, art jewelers utilizing multiples, sound and movement, forcing interaction with the wearer.

Prentice's website is very cool and worth a look because of course, it is in motion. How could one be a kinetic sculpture artist and not have video footage on their website? These still images do not do the work justice so go have a look. The "studio visit excerpt" is very insightful and beautiful to watch.

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