Monday, April 30, 2007

Foreign Press!

I've been getting a lot of foreign press requests and have finally received copies of the magazines I've been featured in so I thought I'd share…

Elle: Slovenia

(inside pg. 35)

Fashion: Italian weekly

(inside, pg. 51)

DIF: Lisbon, Portugal Design Magazine

(inside pg. 22)

All very exciting… the only problem is, I can't read any of them! If anyone out there can translate, that would be fantastic! (click on the images to enlarge.)


Bambuc said...

I'm a doll collector(Barbie also), and I love your plastic body series!
For the first look are very horrorist, but very contemporary too.
You are a very talented and creative women. Good work to the future! I will follow your site:-)
Greeting from Hungary

Margaux Lange said...

Thanks so much! Glad my work has resonated with you!