Monday, February 05, 2007

The Broken Plate

Thanks so much to Juliet of The Broken Plate for her blog post about my work. Not only did her blog turn me on to some incredible artists, (such as Tara Donovan - wow!) but Juliet's jewelry made of broken plates is so fun it makes me wanna smash something and have jewelry made out of it! (if it wasn't for that damn Corelle dinnerware, that stuff never seems to break!)


Uschi said...

Hello!!! I visit your blog very often and love your work and the artists you feature.
The work of Tara is incredible and shows one of the qualities I really admire in any artist: patience!

Juliet said...

Damn that Corelle! (Shakes fist to sky!)

Midge said...
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Midge said...

Uschi - Thanks so much, I'm so pleased you're a return visitor! I admire patience as well, sometimes I think I have some, and then I come across artists like Tara!

Juliet - Thanks so much for finding Tara's work! I love artists who utilize 'multiples' in interesting ways, and I think Tara might be my new fav in that category.

masaoms said...

Hello!! I just discovered your blog and your work today and it's really nice!! I love Barbie since i was a child and your jewels are especial...I have posted your work at my blog. All my best wishes!!