Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Cursed Foot

This is a story that began about six months ago… When we were first moving into this apartment I dropped a 5 lb wooden shelf onto the top of my big toe on my right foot. The bruise under the toe-nail, still visible after all these months, is finally nearing the edge of my nail where hopefully it will soon disappear for good. For now, it remains an ugly reminder of the pain of that day, and the beginning of my curse.

Recently, I made the mistake of wearing a pair of not so feet-friendly (but definitely cute) shoes in hopes that I could "break them in." Ladies, you know what I'm talkin' about, we've all done it. Instead I came home broken myself, with two shiny new blisters adorning the cursed foot, on my toe and at the back of my heel. Ouch.

Then on Monday, while attempting to walk through the one foot passageway at the foot of our bed, I stubbed my pinky toe HARD into a brick. Yes, a BRICK. You see, this brick serves a specific purpose: to raise up an arbitrary shelf located at the foot of the bed that has been put there soley to hide access to the electrical outlet used for all my computer wires. If said shelf was not in this obstacle-course-of-a-location, the monstrous furry beasts that roam the apartment (aka: my cats) would chew the wires into oblivion. It's not the first time this shelf has tripped me en route.
Exhibit A:

Bleeding and cut up from the event, my pinky toe has been recovering with Neosporin inside its' band-aid blanket. I didn't think it could get much worse. Until last night… Halloween. What was my costume this year you might ask?! Against my will: an Injured Athlete. The curse of my right foot struck again.

While attending my beloved kickboxing class at the YMCA, I jumped and landed on my foot the wrong way and my ankle gave out sending me crashing backwards onto the hard gymnasium floor. I couldn't finish out the class because I could barely stand, so upon the advice of the instructor I elevated my foot and kept an ice pack on it for the remainder of class. My favorite holiday was then lamely spent with my foot wrapped in an ice pack and me on the couch, in disbelief at the rate at which the swelling and pain were both increasing. Turns out I sprained my ankle, on my cursed foot of course:

WARNING: photo not for the faint of heart


So that's my story. I'm counting on this curse to lift once the bruise under my big toe-nail has grown out and is no longer visible. I just hope I don't have to endure much more pain until then. For now, "rest, ice, compression and elevation" better get me through this and back up on my feet so I can return to my kick-ass class and sassy shoes.

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