Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Pleasure of Business

You may have noticed lately I've strayed quite a bit from the original intent of this blog, into more "personal" arenas. This is mainly because I haven't felt I have a lot to share in terms of "artistic revelations" as I've been preoccupied with 'How I Will Pay My Rent Every Month.' I've begun working a couple new part-time jobs that I've taken on as secondary sources of income. I thought today I'd share a bit about what they are…

The first is working for my dear friend Kate Cusack assisting in the expansion of her Zipper Pin Empire. I'm helping her with the production of the lovely pins she's been making since 2002 that are now being sold all over the US. Each one is hand fabricated and they come in a vast array of colors. (She was brave to trust me with a needle and thread. Fortunately, all digits are thus far in tact.)

I've also started working with Azu Studio in Manhattan assisting with the production of the Relix Band: bracelets made from the used guitar strings of famous musicians such as: Ben Harper, Buddy Guy, Death Cab for Cutie, Les Claypool, etc. All proceeds from the sale of the bracelets go to charities the musicians choose to support. A pretty cool gig so far.

(Now if only we could get my favorite band Rasputina in on it!)


D Balogh said...

Hmm, a cello string! Sweet ass, now we're talking coolness! xox

Richie said...

just updated my list of sell out artists, im surprised there isnt a moby jumper knitted with his very own pubic hair.

Liana said...

Yes there is this unfortunate thing called REALITY that we occasionally must face. Although maybe not today.

I have admired those gorgeous flower zipper brooches for quite some time. It reminds me how so often simple ideas can be best (and perhaps that simple ideas are never quite as simple as they appear).

Midge said...

Yes indeed Liana, I totally agree.

Richie: not sure what you mean by "sell out" - the proceeds from the project do go to charity and that's ultimately a good thing right? I mean, they're used strings bound for the garbage can anyway.

D Balogh said...
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D Balogh said...
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D Balogh said...

In the words of the almighty Tool:

"All you know about me is what Ive sold you,
Dumb f---.
I sold out long before you ever heard my name.

I sold my soul to make a record,
Dip s---,
And you bought one."

OK, so anger management for me. Sue me ;-) Seriously, at some point we all hit a 'selling-out' point, but that's what life brings us to. Really in order to survive, it's imperative to keep thriving in any way possible. If you reached your max and have enough to live on for the rest of your life, then give back. And I wouldn't say that's 'selling out.' Semi-unrelated, but as a good analogy: I may love Apple computers (as long as they work), but that doesn't mean I don't respect Microsoft's Bill Gates for giving back his fortune to those in need. Ok I said my peace, and feel better.