Monday, April 03, 2006

Yes you are Ken, who are you kidding?

Found this online and thought it was cute and sort of funny given that I literally make Ken into an accessory on a regular basis:

The new work is coming along and hopefully I'll have pics to share soon. The new Make-a-Face brooches are quite fun for me. It's been interesting to see them develop from where they began over a year ago as simply a few combined face parts:

To where they are now:

A bit more sophisticated I think.

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D Balogh said...

More assymetry! YEAH! I love it. The difference is actually quite tremendous, not to say I didn't love the old pieces, but the development to the new ones seem like a natural one, and a much more dynamic look. Meatier too, the thinness of the metal bevel surrounding the orignal eyes coupled with just one inset of resin on the right eye makes the left eye and mouth feel solid. Also some kind of interesting 'black eye' effect here, like someone whapped her in the right eye and it's swollen, hmm. The hand seems to pull everything downward, like it's all flowing through a funnel. Neato! Oh, Ken's cool too. Cut that rat bastard up! LOL! :-*