Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Proof that embracing our ugly side can be therapeutic

Today felt like a ride on a rollercoaster.

It all started when I couldn't fall asleep last night and spent a good hour and a half tossing and turning, thinking, over-thinking and stressing about my upcoming move. When I awoke this morning my brain was still in high gear and I felt incredibly anxious about all the details and the many MANY things I have to do in the coming month. Thankfully Dave, being the calm, patient person that he is, successfully talked me down from my ledge this afternoon and we worked out some of the issues concerning me. An ice cream outing with my sister helped also ;-) as well as visiting with my neighbors and holding Victoria, their ten month old daughter. Her beautiful smile and infectious giggle was enough to remind me to slow down and relax. To take things O N E S T E P at a time.

Another highly therapeutic activity I felt entitled to indulge in today - given my schizophrenic state of mind - was: embracing my crafty side. While relaxing in what I like to call my "garden room," (aka: where I have to quarantine my plants from the four legged beasts I co-exist with) I remembered that I had wanted to make a hanging planter to replace an ugly plastic hooked one I had (the kind plants are typically sold in.) So I marched into my studio, grabbed some copper wire, a plastic planter, and my costume jewelry junk beads and went to town, stringing and singing and feeling rather crafty and happy. While the result of my little "Arts and Crafts hour" is quite honestly pretty hideous, at least my new kitschy beaded planter is a decent alternative to - and a step up from - those hippie/grandma macramé plant hangers commonly discarded at thrift stores.

(Note to friends and family who frequent this blog: Fear not, you will not be receiving one of my beaded monstrosities for Christmas this year.)

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scotter said...

I want one for my awesome new apartment!!!